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The Power of Compounds

22 września 2018, sobota,

Compounds are words in English that are composed of 2 (and sometimes 3) words so that they create a new composite that has a single unit of meaning.  They can be nouns, (paperclip, fire station, Facebook), verbs (often referred to … Czytaj dalej


Gems at the UK seaside

17 września 2018, poniedziałek,

With the summer not yet officially over, I’d like to share with you some of the gems of the British seaside. It’s not too late to pack your swimsuit and sunglasses (oh well, and maybe an umbrella too) and take … Czytaj dalej


Trooping the Colour 2014

Trooping the Colour – Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Celebration

6 czerwca 2017, wtorek,

One of the main events in any UK royalist’s (or London tourists’) social calendar is the ‘Trooping the Colour’ which takes place every year in June to mark the monarch’s official birthday. Here are five facts about the celebration.


Wembley Stadium

9 Essential Football Phrases

23 maja 2017, wtorek,

Hi everyone! It’s May, which means the football season is coming to an end. It’s an exciting time for fans, as lots of big matches are played and trophies are won. But how many of these expressions about the beautiful … Czytaj dalej


UK Insights – Pubs – Test your knowledge

11 stycznia 2016, poniedziałek,

Pubs – Home from home Public houses (pubs) have been playing a part in British culture since the Bronze Age. Considering how long we have been frequenting (going to) these establishments (public building) their importance should come as no surprise. … Czytaj dalej


Quiz – How British are you?

20 lipca 2015, poniedziałek,

Calling all anglophiles!   You already know some English but do you also find yourself absorbing British culture?  Do you think if you were in the UK you’d blend in with the Brits? Are you more British than Polish?  Take this … Czytaj dalej