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How to learn English: one-to-one vs group classes? What’s better?

4 grudnia 2017, poniedziałek,

If you consider embarking upon a language course, you’ve probably asked yourself this question many times: which is better – individual lessons or group classes? Well, they both have their pros and cons but it all comes down to your … Czytaj dalej


Top 5 Tips to Learn Words Quicker

27 listopada 2017, poniedziałek,

It has often been suggested that learning a language is a simple process of learning a bunch of words.  Students know that this is not entirely true because there is also a complex system of rules and structures that govern … Czytaj dalej


Top Tips for IELTS

16 października 2017, poniedziałek,

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration, with over 3 million tests taken in the last year. IELTS assesses all of your English skills — … Czytaj dalej


Top 5 Mistakes in English (International Edition)

25 września 2017, poniedziałek,

In previous blogs we have discussed mistakes which are frequently made by Polish learners specifically but are there mistakes made by learners of English which are generally very universal? Before we look at the most generic kinds of mistakes learners … Czytaj dalej


Top 5 grammar problems for polish learners

11 września 2017, poniedziałek,

English grammar can give Polish learners sleepless nights. And I know what I’m saying (well, writing). Being Polish myself I remember school times when I was taught that without grammar I wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively. So I spent … Czytaj dalej


Top 5 Pronunciation Problems for Polish Learners

4 września 2017, poniedziałek,

The degree of difficulty associated with acquiring great English pronunciation is largely relative to your first language i.e./ where you are already coming from linguistically. Some aspects of English pronunciation are universally difficult but every learner has different problems and … Czytaj dalej