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4 Differences between a British and a Polish Christmas

20 grudnia 2018, czwartek,

Christmas time is fast approaching and it won’t be long before many of us will be joined with our families and participating in those traditions and customs linked with this particular holiday season.  As an expatriate living in Poland I … Czytaj dalej


Aphasia – have you ever heard of it?

10 grudnia 2018, poniedziałek,

We all take speaking a language for granted, don’t we? We’re hardwired to communicate verbally and we don’t even notice that we do it almost all the time. Revising for exams? Texting your best friend? Chatting up a girl? Asking … Czytaj dalej


What can be the significance of elections for the cultural face of Warsaw?

2 listopada 2018, piątek,

The owners of the musical scenes in Poland and abroad need the support of officials who understand the specifics of their work: for clubs are as culturally important as ambitious movies or theatres. There is an increasing number of alternative … Czytaj dalej


Soap Operas in Britain

24 października 2018, środa,

Watching television remains one of the most popular ways for people in Britain to spend their free time. But what do they watch? Apart from sports matches, soap operas are the most popular kind of television programme for British people … Czytaj dalej


L1 in the English Language Classroom

15 października 2018, poniedziałek,

Perhaps as a parent you have sent your child off to English language lessons or you have had the opportunity to sit in on some of your child’s lessons and, to your absolute shock, you hear the mother-tongue or shared … Czytaj dalej


How to learn (and remember) phrasal verbs

24 września 2018, poniedziałek,

Are you particularly intimidated by phrasal verbs?  Or are you thinking: “Wait a second, what were those phrasal verbs thingies??” These are words like pick up, turn down, get off, black out – just to give you some examples. Does … Czytaj dalej


Idiom: It was a blessing in disguise

20 września 2018, czwartek,

Meaning: something you thought would have awful consequences actually turned out to have a delightful and rewarding result.


Gems at the UK seaside

17 września 2018, poniedziałek,

With the summer not yet officially over, I’d like to share with you some of the gems of the British seaside. It’s not too late to pack your swimsuit and sunglasses (oh well, and maybe an umbrella too) and take … Czytaj dalej