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Aphasia – have you ever heard of it?

10 grudnia 2018, poniedziałek,

We all take speaking a language for granted, don’t we? We’re hardwired to communicate verbally and we don’t even notice that we do it almost all the time. Revising for exams? Texting your best friend? Chatting up a girl? Asking your boss for a pay rise? It’s there – the language. It’s indispensable if you need to express your thoughts. It’s something that contributes to our identity and makes us feel comfortable in our communities. And now …. booom! Imagine you can’t say what you want. But no, you’re not an infant who still needs to develop their communication skills. You’re an adult who used to speak fluently and suddenly you can’t. Can you imagine how that might feel?
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Learning tips for dyslexic students

26 listopada 2018, poniedziałek,

Dyslexia is recognised as a learning difficulty which influences learners’ reading and listening skills. Apart from that, dyslexic learners might struggle with remembering grammar patterns and pronouncing words correctly. If you are a dyslexic student you might think that learning English can be a hurdle. Well, maybe it’s not the easiest thing to do but if you embrace the power of dyslexia (yes, the power!), your dreadful learning experience can turn into something pleasant and valuable.  That’s true – there are certain language areas which can be a bit more challenging to understand and practise but as a dyslexic person you also have some strengths which can help you become a better user of English.

Read on to learn more about our learning tips which tap into dyslexia super powers :).
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Great Britain invites you to study there – equally after Brexit

20 listopada 2018, wtorek,

Although studying in Great Britain is by no means low-cost, British universities lure you with their top-ranking positions worldwide. Is studying in the United Kingdom worth considering with Brexit coming?

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Confusing Words That Even Native Speakers Mess up

12 listopada 2018, poniedziałek,

At the British Council we feel that the word native speaker is a bit old-timey and problematic. It suggests that simply because someone was born in an English- speaking country they will automatically be much better at English than someone who has intensely studied the language over many years. The term ‘expert user of English’ is far more accurate. Someone is either an expert user or not and it doesn’t matter where they were born. However to underline the fact that English native speakers can mess up a great deal in their own language, we are going to show you a bunch of words that are constantly misused in English. We have already talked about the classics like they’re, their, there and two, too and to, but this time we would like to take this to a much higher level of sophistication.
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What can be the significance of elections for the cultural face of Warsaw?

2 listopada 2018, piątek,

The owners of the musical scenes in Poland and abroad need the support of officials who understand the specifics of their work: for clubs are as culturally important as ambitious movies or theatres.

There is an increasing number of alternative music events in Warsaw: ambitious jazz performances, good black metal concerts and interesting electronic music events . Those who enjoy the less mainstream  in popular sounds have in recent years been able to attend a truly wide selection of outdoor summer concerts, for example, at the Bar Studio on Plac Defilad, but also ones held in post-industrial venues, such as the Pogłos club.

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