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Popular Weekend Getaways for Britons

30 kwietnia 2018, poniedziałek,

Well the May weekend has arrived in Poland and millions of Poles have taken the appropriate days off in order to maximize their travel and rest possibilities.  May weekend happens to fall in one of the most conducive times for those needing a break from work, that is to say right in the middle of the week.  Sometimes it happens that we are not afforded such a long break and have to make the most of a nice weekend getaway.  In the blog this week we will look at some very popular long weekend getaway choices for people in the UK.

Of course your possibilities may be limited by the size of your family, your budget and your interests but here are 5 very pleasant getaways in the UK with a brief description of what you might see there.

Sunset in Brighton by Joao Paulo. Published under CC BY 2.0 license. Source: www.flickr.com

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Top 10 Amazing Facts about English

25 kwietnia 2018, środa,

April 23rd is recognized by the UN as English Language Day chosen, as it happens to be both the birth date and death date of the great Bard himself William Shakespeare.  According to the UN official website, „Language Days at the UN aim to entertain as well as inform, with the goal of increasing awareness and respect for the history, culture and achievements of each language.” At  British Council we used the day to have a livestream discussion with Vlogger and English Philologist Arlena Witt on the evening of the 23rd.  We discussed a variety of interesting issues concerning the English language and its long relationship with the Polish people. You can watch it at: https://www.facebook.com/BritishCouncilPolska/videos/10155783711789753/

So to get us in the mood here are 10 Fun Facts that you might not have known about the English language.

Shakespeare mural by Jimmy.C. Clink Street, London. Published under CC BY 2.0 license. Source: www.flickr.com

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How (NOT) to learn English – top 5 most common mistakes

16 kwietnia 2018, poniedziałek,

We here at the Brit it! blog have told you all about the most common errors learners of English make.  We have looked at the most typically confused word pairs in the language.  We have even discussed tips for learning vocabulary and internalising grammar.  However in my 20+ years of teaching I have seen some dreadful mistakes in terms of approach to learning and things that need to be avoided at all costs that could cost you time and aggravation on your journey to becoming a master of English.  So here are 5 things to avoid doing when studying English.

© Mat Wright, British Council

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British Pub Quizzes

9 kwietnia 2018, poniedziałek,

If you like trivia and game shows on TV which test your knowledge on a wide range of topics you would most certainly be a fan of a typical British Pub Quiz.  Pub Quizzes have been an integral part of British (Pub) culture since the 1970s and a 2009 study reported that on any given week in the UK there were as many as 2,209 pub quizzes scheduled to be held.  Even in major cities across Poland it is possible to find English pubs that have regular Quiz Nights. In this blog we’ll have a brief look at the history and roots of the British Pub Quiz and finish with a mini version of a quiz itself.

Published under CC BY 2.0 license. Author: Ben Sutherland, Source: flickr.com

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Top 5 April Fools’ Day pranks

27 marca 2018, wtorek,

It is amusing for me that society actively celebrates holidays whose origins are unknown, uncertain or ‘cloudy’ at best.  Boxing Day and Halloween, for example, have conflicting theories as to when and how they began.  However no holiday’s origins are as questionable as that of April Fools’ Day.  In my research I managed to find no 100% conclusive facts regarding its beginnings.  Some theorize that it dates back to the Middle Ages when New Year’s Day coincided with the spring equinox (March 25th) which in those times lasted a week until April 1st.  Other theories mention a strange line from Canterbury Tales from Chaucer in which he mentions the date March 32nd drawing speculation that it may have been an intentional gag to fool pretentious and uneducated readers.  Several other theories abound but nevertheless it has had a long and fun history in Europe.  Throughout the last century people have gone to great lengths to test the limits of people’s naivety.

Today we will look at the top 5 most elaborate or controversial April Fools’ Day pranks.

Published under CC0 Creative Commons license. Source: pixabay.com

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