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It’s not my rubbish

8 lutego 2019, piątek,

Imagine that you’ve gone over to your friend’s house for a visit. You go into the living room and notice that there are dirty clothes and old papers on the coffee table, a pile of peelings and dinner leftovers in the corner of the room, and the contents of the bathroom rubbish bin on the sofa. Would you be dismayed? Why? For you do exactly the same thing!

Mandy Barker – marine plastic debris recovered from six oceans and six continents around the world; photo: Instagram.com/britishcouncileurope

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Idiom: the gloves are off

6 lutego 2019, środa,

Meaning: to start arguing or working in a more determined manner because you feel directly confronted or insulted

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How to Improve Exam Reading Skills

30 stycznia 2019, środa,

I bet most of you think that reading in English isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. We do it quite often and we also read in our native language so reading in English might seem to be more or less the same. But what happens when you need to read a text in an exam? Is it still a piece of cake? I’d dare say that quite a few people struggle with reading comprehension and text analysis when they take English exams (e.g. IELTS, First, Advanced, etc.). This is  because in the exam it’s not enough just to understand the passage, you also need to show the ability to work with that passage. Sometimes you have to see all  the nuances in the language. Sometimes you are expected to notice connections between the different parts of the text. And in this blog post I’m going to outline the most typical reading strategies/types and some tips which will help you master them.
Ready? Steady? Read!
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Where were women in the fight for Polish independence?

21 stycznia 2019, poniedziałek,

Women of independence, or women of obscurity
“The Niepodległe exhibition questions the male-centric vision of the world and history”.

Kudzanai Chiurai, „We Live in Silence” ( Chapter 1–7), 2017, courtesy of the artist and the Goodman Gallery (Kudzanai Chiurai/press release)

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5 Reasons IELTS is Different from Other Exams

14 stycznia 2019, poniedziałek,

There are many reasons to take an exam. For some it provides a meaningful motivation to learn. Some people need it for their work or for an educational institute as proof of a certain level.  While others just like doing so for their own personal satisfaction. Czytaj całość »