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Get ready for Saint Patrick’s Day: Top 10 English drinking expressions

13 marca 2018, wtorek,

St. Patrick’s is coming up and being a day associated with drinking copious amounts of booze we have decided to talk briefly about the holiday itself and then jump right into 10 useful terms and expressions for drinking in the pub!

Published under CC0 Creative Commons license. Source: pixabay.com

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10th March: Women and Girls AIDS/HIV Awareness Day

6 marca 2018, wtorek,

March is globally set aside as a month for the recognition and celebration of women and their enormous and invaluable contribution to humanity.  It is a sad statement on society that a month even needs to be designated for the recognition of half of the world’s population but sadly women’s issues have long been neglected and undervalued in much of the world.  This carries on to this day and it needs to change.  March 10th, in particular, is specially designated as Women and Girls AIDS/HIV Awareness Day #NWGHAAD to highlight a marginalized segment of the population who live with or are at great risk of coming into contact with the HIV virus.

AIDS Awareness Ribbon; Published under CC BY 2.0 license; Credit: NIAID; Source: flickr.com

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The Truth about Reported Speech

26 lutego 2018, poniedziałek,

Students often have to learn loads and loads of grammar and it sometimes happens that a student will ask me a very clever and frank question; Do people really talk that? Or Do people really use this in ‘real life’? I always try to answer the question with absolute sincerity even if the answer is not ‘convenient’ to my agenda as a teacher.  The 3rd conditional, for example is extremely complex in nature and it is intimidating for students to learn. To answer the question – Do people really use the 3rd conditional – I can honestly and 100% guarantee them that this construction is extremely important in terms of discussing regrets or making excuses about the past. “If they had had enough lifeboats for everyone nobody would have died the night the Titanic sank.” Use any example from recent news to make your own 3rd conditional. (i.e./ recent election results)

© Mat Wright, British Council

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How to watch English TV shows to learn English?

19 lutego 2018, poniedziałek,

There has been a recent rise in popularity of net-based TV platforms such as Netflix and Showmax as well as the ability to use your TV to record shows and rewatch them at your own convenience.  These recent changes have meant that you no longer have to be at home in front of the television at a designated time to watch your favourite shows AND you no longer have to miss an episode of anything if you happen not to be home.  For these reasons many students ask how these shows can be watched and enjoyed as a tool for learning the English language at the same time.

Published under CC0 license. Source: pixabay.com

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Top 15 Valentine’s icebreakers

12 lutego 2018, poniedziałek,

This week on Wednesday we celebrate Valentine’s Day – a time when we can freely show our affections to those whom we adore.  Flowers, poems, chocolates and cards are all brilliant ways to physically manifest the adoration we have for our crushes.  Couples will use this occasion to go on dates to romantic restaurants and films at the cinema.  Even couples who have been together for ages can use the day as a chance to remind their partners who is still the apple of their eye.

Published under CC0 license. Source: pixabay.com

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