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Fish and Chips – Where, Why and How?

20 sierpnia 2019, wtorek,

There are many famous British pairings – Wallace and Gromit, footy and beer, Ant and Dec and of course fish and …….? You said it! Chips.

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No textbook? No paper? No pen? No problem!

29 lipca 2019, poniedziałek,

Students do not like grammar lessons! Although not always true, this is a fairly accurate assessment of most students’ feelings when learning a language.  Much the way parents will disguise healthy broccoli from their kids by hiding it beneath a layer of melted cheese, teachers will do everything to try to disguise grammar beneath a layer of „melted” fun or distraction…or something.
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British Summer Traditions

15 lipca 2019, poniedziałek,

Every country has its customs which are unique to the summer season. Americans send their kids off to summer camps and get 2-litre Slurpees, while Canadians go fishing with a 24 of beer. The Brits are not alone in the fact that once the days get a bit longer and warmer certain foods, activities and rituals begin to pop up. Here are a few.

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Differentiation in the classroom

24 czerwca 2019, poniedziałek,

We all know that a one-size-fits-all approach towards a language lesson isn’t what our students expect. And they’re right. Each person contributes to lessons in a different way by sharing their knowledge, experiences and motivation. We should observe our learners to identify their strengths and areas for improvement and once it’s done, we can put into practice a range of differentiation strategies. If you have just started racking your brains trying to remember what differentiation is all about, here’s a little hint: it’s all about designing and delivering lessons factoring in a variety of learning styles and needs. How do we do that? Keep reading to find out!
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Hot Topic: Climate Change!

10 czerwca 2019, poniedziałek,

It’s a topic on everyone’s mind and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s climate change.  People have been talking about the human effects on climate change for decades. It became a mainstream lesson topic discussed in classrooms in the early 80’s and now its urgency is ubiquitous as certain politicians, organisations and brave activists are bringing attention to this issue in evermore brazen and resounding ways. Czytaj całość »


Candles – Homonyms

4 czerwca 2019, wtorek,


5 Must-See Films About Teachers and Students

27 maja 2019, poniedziałek,

There have been many films which portray the different types of teachers we encounter on our educational journeys.  Some are strict disciplinarians, some are cool and laid-back. We have seen kind teachers with a deep passion for their craft and sometimes teachers who couldn’t care less.  In today’s blog we are going to go over some of the most positive portrayals of teachers in film in the hopes that it may serve as a reminder of the endless ways in which good teachers can really affect the lives of their students.

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How to Make lessons more topical

15 kwietnia 2019, poniedziałek,

Whether you are reading this blog as a language learner or a teacher we can all admit that textbooks are a dry and boring staple of most English courses. The course books, new and old alike, all run through the same old tired subjects;  money, the future, jobs, sports, the environment and being healthy just to name a few.

Even the newest editions which at the very least try to keep up with the times can come off as a bit cheesy as they discuss topics such as Twitter and Spotify or mumble rap but always end up giving the impression that they were written without any consultation with a real young person who understands what IS cool and what’s not.

In this blog I’ll discuss a few ways that teachers can spice up their lessons and bring them into the year 2019. For language learners you might consider how to adapt these ideas for yourself for the purposes of self-study.

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