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Trooping the Colour 2014

Trooping the Colour – Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Celebration

6 czerwca 2017, wtorek,

One of the main events in any UK royalist’s (or London tourists’) social calendar is the ‘Trooping the Colour’ which takes place every year in June to mark the monarch’s official birthday. Here are five facts about the celebration.


Wembley Stadium

9 Essential Football Phrases

23 maja 2017, wtorek,

Hi everyone! It’s May, which means the football season is coming to an end. It’s an exciting time for fans, as lots of big matches are played and trophies are won. But how many of these expressions about the beautiful … Czytaj dalej


UK Writers: John Le Carre

17 stycznia 2017, wtorek,

The British have always loved a good spy story, real or imaginary. Stories of blue-blooded[1] patriots battling the Empire’s foes stirred the imaginations of schoolboys for decades. In more recent times, the James Bond novels and films together with icons[2] … Czytaj dalej


LGBT: Brits who have made an impact

9 stycznia 2017, poniedziałek,

Britain’s LGBT community Things have not always been easy for Britain’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Nevertheless, in less than sixty years from the dark days of homosexuality being criminalised and members of the community being treated extremely … Czytaj dalej


Top 5 locations for New Year Celebrations

2 stycznia 2017, poniedziałek,

In today’s blog post, I’ll review the top five traditions from different parts of Europe, give suggestions about creative resolutions for 2017, and also give you lots of nice language for you to experiment with. Happy 2017 So, are you … Czytaj dalej