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5 Hot New Expressions Made Famous by the Internet!

25 lutego 2019, poniedziałek,

The Internet has been responsible for many new inductions to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).  The new technology has brought us all kinds of new words and expressions from ‘tweet’ and ‘unfriend’ to verbs like ‘to DM someone’ or  ‘ to inbox someone.’  In today’s blog we are going to discuss 5 of the hottest new expressions that, while already within the mainstream, may soon find themselves being given official status in the dictionary in the very near future should they be able to stand the test of time.
…because: reasons!

This is a fun way to suggest that you don’t really have a logical explanation for doing something. It is simply just the way it is. It can also be used as a sign of frustration at the lack of any justifiable explanations for something.

Boss: Well apparently Jonathon won’t be able to attend our 9am meeting tomorrow, you know …because: reasons.

Squad Goals!

This exclamation can be used whenever you see a picture on the Internet of friends or any group of people participating in an activity that you would love to do yourself.  It reflects on the fact that you could see you and your best mates (your squad) doing the same thing.

Tim: Did you see the Instagram pics of Taylor Swift and her entourage at the waterpark! Squad Goals!


The Internet is full of acronyms. We have seen YOLO, LOL and IDK all of which have received legitimacy by being entered into the OED. A very popular acronym that is gaining traction in the mainstream is TIL which means Today I Learned.  It can be used to preface something interesting and novel that you just found out about and would like to share with your followers.  NB. This particular acronym is used almost exclusively in the written language. One would rarely say ‘TIL…’

TIL that they are making a 3rd Bad Boys movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Lulz / just for the lulz

There is a derivation of the common LOL acronym which has been around for ages.  It has grown and been adapted into lulz based on a lazy pronunciation of LOLs.  The expression itself is used to justify that something was done just for amusement’s sake solely.

Betty: We didn’t have anything better to do so we just decided to go to the party just for the Lulz.

Facepalm/head desk

These two expressions are used to show disbelief or frustration at one’s stupidity.  When somebody does something that shows a complete lack of forethought, intelligence or common sense one can react with these words. Head desk is a stronger variant of  facepalm. Both of these expressions are so linguistically flexible that they can take the form of practically any part of speech.

When the young boy accidentally stapled his finger it was a total facepalm moment. (adjective)

What a facepalm! (noun)

He facepalmed his way through his entire speech. (verb)

There are very strict criteria for words that eventually go on to be included within mainstream dictionaries.  Researchers for major dictionaries often use the rule of 5. This is a very loose rule but it suggests that a word needs to have appeared 5 times, in 5 different sources over 5 years.  But also the nature and popularity of the sources is taken into account as well.

These Internet words may not be in the dictionary yet but they are gaining momentum and are increasingly being found in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds all over the world.