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Idiom: To give someone a piece of your mind

24 stycznia 2019, czwartek,

Meaning: to confront someone in an angry way by telling them what you really think about them

Polish meaning: powiedzieć otwarcie, co się o czymś myśli/sądzi

An example of use:  „When my boss said that I hadn’t been working very hard after my two double shifts that was when I decided to give her a piece of my mind… and she was so surprised that she immediately apologized!”


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  1. I presume that two double shifts are four regular shifts?
    She should not apologize, she should have called emergency!
    Or am I wrong?

  2. zbigniew – now I will give you a piece of my mind: you have got off the point, better think of the meaning without showing your English off.

  3. cobear, I know that my pidgin english will never reach the level of a native speaker. But it would be very useful for me, if you would show to me what was wrong in my statement. I was working for over 40 years with people from almost all over the world and I never had problems in communicating with them, but I know, there’s always a potential to improve the language skills.

  4. zbigniew, don’t worry – your “pidgin English” is not bad. I only wanted to put your attention to the meaning of the idiom which is used when you want to tell somebody your honest opinion about his or her behaviour.
    Double shifts are double shifts in a row – 16 hours of continuous work. And the emergency, well, it is off the point.