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Great Britain invites you to study there – equally after Brexit

20 listopada 2018, wtorek,

Although studying in Great Britain is by no means low-cost, British universities lure you with their top-ranking positions worldwide. Is studying in the United Kingdom worth considering with Brexit coming?

Yes, it is certainly worth considering – convince the representatives of some British universities who were paying a special visit to Poland. Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, the Chairwoman of Universities UK, Dame Jane Beer and the Director of the Universities UK International Vivienne Stern in  their interview for the Polish magazine “Polityka” explain that nothing has changed for the time being.

Firstly, if you intend to start your university education in Great Britain in 2019, then the reality for EU students will not change – something that has been guaranteed by the British government. Secondly, British universities are doing all that is possible   so that the the conditions for us studying  in the incoming years do not change as well, irrespective of under what  form Brexit will take place.

Cultural pluralism vis-a-vis Polishness. This is what you will find in the British Isles.

This comes as no surprise. In the British Isles there are more than one hundred and fifty higher education establishments with more than two and a half million students. Every fifth student and almost every third member of university staff comes from outside the UK. At student campuses you are likely to meet  people from more than a hundred and fifty countries. British higher education establishments see cultural pluralism as one of their biggest advantages; for meeting other cultures helps students develop their creative and critical thinking .

Poles frequently choose to study at British universities. The prestige of  British establishments is of great importance as every year they enjoy top positions in  world rankings. But what also matters is the fact that Polish is the second most frequently used language in Great Britain; so Polish students may feel a little bit as if at home.

Studying in Great Britain 2019 – conditions unchanged

What will  definitely not change  in the academic year 2019/2020? You will not need any visas. The tuition fee will remain the same as before (unless you decide to study in Scotland where studying is free). Students will have the same access to student loans. Half-joking, half-serious – the side effect of the Brexit-related rumour is also the depreciation of the British Pound,  which means that the costs of studying and maintenance are lower than they were a year or two ago.

Study UK Fairs – Warsaw and Cracow. Learn more

In November, the British Council is going to organise British higher education fairs  – Study UK  in both Warsaw and Cracow (23rd and 24th November 2019), where you will have the opportunity to find out more about studying in Great Britain and meet the representatives of the establishments to get more details at source.

British higher education establishments offer more than 17 thousand varied degree courses, many of them are conducted in liaison with prospective employers therein offering practical classes. The University of Liverpool runs its own construction entity where engineering and architecture students learn their trade  on the job.

“In most cases you choose your degree only once in your lifetime and we want it to prepare us as well as possible for a successful job; and British establishments are really good at this,” Vivienne Stern says.


Authors: Anna Kowalska, Michał Rolecki
You can find polish version of this article here.

This material was created in cooperation with the British Council.