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Gems at the UK seaside

17 września 2018, poniedziałek,

With the summer not yet officially over, I’d like to share with you some of the gems of the British seaside. It’s not too late to pack your swimsuit and sunglasses (oh well, and maybe an umbrella too) and take the first flight to the UK to unwind for a couple of days on some sandy and/or pebbly beaches.
Why should you see the British seaside? Why not? When everybody boasts about their photos of London’s landmarks, your friends’ jaws will drop when you show them spectacular pictures of white cliffs or the Oyster Festival (just to name a few).

Ok, let’s start!

  1. WHITSTABLE. Located on the north coast of Kent, this tiny and rather quiet town is famous for its Oyster Festival which takes place every year in July (now it’s a bit too late but make sure you pencil the date in for 2019). You can catch some oyster-eating competitions and learn more about the art of collecting spats (young oysters). This is a perfect place for those of you who long for peace and quiet and are not very keen on spending holidays among crowds of people. Since Whitsable’s beaches don’t have a promenade as such, it ends up having a rather calm and tranquil vibe. If you get tired after a long stroll, you can order a cup of tea in a cafe, sit by the window and continue marvelling at the sea.
  2. MARGATE. Contrary to Whitstable, Margate is a buzzing holiday resort which has been attracting British tourists for more than two centuries. I recommend going there if you are looking for some fun and entertainment. Margate is proud of its Dreamland Amusement Park complete with merry-go-rounds, roller coasters and other similar attractions.  There is also The Turner Contemporary Gallery.  JMW Turner, one of the greatest British Romantic painters, used to live there and some of his paintings depict the sea in Margate. The actual building structure of the Gallery is quite modern and has futuristic features – it’s a must-see even if you’re not an avid art lover. Of course, you don’t need to carefully examine a collection of contemporary exhibits or worry about the stresses of a wild roller-coaster.  If you prefer just take your favourite book, choose the best spot on the beach and enjoy yourself.
  3. RAMSGATE. Another bustling town by the English seaside. It’s a great place to try traditional fish and chips – there are so many restaurants and bars that you’ll surely find something to satisfy your appetite. Have a seat at one of the waterfront cafes and enjoy the view of the harbour. Those of you interested in history won’t be disappointed either. In 2014 Ramsgate Tunnels were opened and now you can go underground to discover more about the life of civilians during WWII thanks to the professional guides waiting to answer your questions. This tiny but vibrant place will give you everything you might expect from a seaside resort.
  4. DOVER. Located in South East England, Dover faces France and for centuries has been the place where people entered Britain. It’s probably best known for the White Cliffs of Dover and this is a view that will simply take your breath away. The cliffs are 13 kilometres long and 110 metres high but these are just numbers. One needs to take a cliff-top walk that offers sensational views of the English Channel to truly experience the magic of the place. You can also take a boat trip and try and spot some seals basking in the sun – another astonishing view.

And how about you? Do you have your favourite places at the British seaside? We’d love to hear about them!