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Popular Weekend Getaways for Britons

30 kwietnia 2018, poniedziałek,

Well the May weekend has arrived in Poland and millions of Poles have taken the appropriate days off in order to maximize their travel and rest possibilities.  May weekend happens to fall in one of the most conducive times for those needing a break from work, that is to say right in the middle of the week.  Sometimes it happens that we are not afforded such a long break and have to make the most of a nice weekend getaway.  In the blog this week we will look at some very popular long weekend getaway choices for people in the UK.

Of course your possibilities may be limited by the size of your family, your budget and your interests but here are 5 very pleasant getaways in the UK with a brief description of what you might see there.

Sunset in Brighton by Joao Paulo. Published under CC BY 2.0 license. Source: www.flickr.com


Brighton is a southern seaside city and only a short hour away from London by car.  Once there,  the first thing on your list to and one of the most impressive sights to behold is the famous Brighton Pier.  It is a 1700ft Victorian pier that has restaurants, arcades, snack bars and even a multi ride amusement park.  It is fun for the whole family and there is the ever-present fresh sea air.

Brighton is a vibrant city with an active night life.  There are 450 year-old pubs and super modern cinemas and discos.  In spring and summer there is an event for almost every weekend from The Brighton Fringe Festival and Pride week to the Brighton marathon and the Foodies Festival.

Brighton is also particularly close to my heart because I recently had a chance to visit Brighton for the 2018 IATEFL (Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) Conference and I was very impressed with this accessible and entertaining city.


Stratford is located in County of Warwickshire in the Midlands and is about 2 hours from London on the way to Birmingham.  Famous for all things William Shakespeare I would also highly recommend visiting this charming English “village”.  For fans of Shakespeare you can see his birthplace and family home, gravesite, his first school and if you looked hard enough, you could probably find the spot where he and Anne Hathaway (not the actress from the Princess Diaries) had their first kiss!

There is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre with all kinds of performing art events taking place year round.  With theatre being such an extremely important part of this city’s history there also happens to be several others such as the Swan Theatre, The Other Place theatre and the Little Guild theatre to name a few.

The town has a warm, old-timey feel to it and there is a nice footpath along the river.  The high street offers all of the normal shopping fare and it all makes for a lot to do in the weekend.


York is a very historic city founded by the Ancient Romans in 71 AD but archaeological evidence dates the original inhabitants back to the Mesolithic era 7000BC!!

York is a great weekend trip for Britons who love old gothic cathedrals and medieval castles such as the York Castle or the city’s surrounding walls.  It is very picturesque and they still even employ Town Criers, people who walk the old town streets with a bell shouting out the news of the day.

The general atmosphere of the Old Town is a major draw for tourists and you mustn’t leave without visiting ‘the Shambles’–  the narrow cobblestone roads of the old town centre with the overhanging wood-framed homes that line both sides of the streets.


The Cotswolds is an area of the South West Midlands that is hilly and green.  The main appeal of this region is its idyllic landscape of rolling hills and sprawling meadows which even has the British distinction of being classified officially as an AONB and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The region has many medieval castles and monasteries and the town itself with a population of only 84,000 is quite easy to get around in once there.


What could make a more fun adventure for a weekend trip than visiting a small island of the coast?

Anglesey is the largest island in Wales and the 7th largest island in the UK and it is connected to the UK mainland by 2 bridges the Britannia Bridge and the Mennai Suspension Bridge.

With a great coastal vibe and plenty of beautiful beaches and cliffs to walk along, it is a great place for a family long weekend.  Being in Wales, it also offers the chance to experience a unique linguistic region of the UK where Welsh is widely used!  Although to be fair, this isn’t a huge fascination for Brits. They’re used to it.

While in Wales why not also take in the highest point in England and Wales, Snowdon (1,085m) is a short 40 minute drive away.

So as you can see the Brits have a huge and very eclectic range of places to visit for a short weekend jaunt.  Which one would you choose?


Conducive – helpful or contributing

Jaunt – a short journey

Idyllic – (NOT  to be confused with IDEAL)  – charmingly simple and naturally beautiful (nature)