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Which British Universities accept Polish Matura in English?

19 marca 2018, poniedziałek,

In previous blogs we have discussed the many benefits of studying abroad.  The UK in particular offers many opportunities to university students wishing to broaden their horizons.  The chance to live completely immersed in another language on a day to day basis is the best way to improve your language skills in a truly practical way.  On top of that, being in a different culture every day is a learning experience unlike any other.

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In the past we have also discussed the various exams that will help you get into the university of your dreams.  Of course IELTS is a great way to confirm for universities your level of competence in English.  Some universities even require certain minimum standards on this exam as a prerequisite for being accepted.  But is IELTS always necessary?

Enter the Polish matura exam.  It is often referred to in English in a variety of different ways. Some call it a ‘matriculation’ exam.  I believe this term to be extremely formal and in fact rarely used.  People, even native English speakers from abroad, who have lived in Poland or are somehow aware of the Polish education system will be familiar with what it means to have a Polish ‚matura’.  It even sounds quite cosmopolitan, like a borrowing in English.  I have heard some people completely simplify the concept in English down to – Secondary School Final Exams.  Regardless, the Polish Matura exam in its standard and extended forms is accepted by some universities in the UK without further confirmation from IELTS.

Now these requirements may seem quite demanding but rest assured that you can do it.  For further tips and advice on achieving your best results on the matura exams, be sure to check back to our earlier blogs which provided invaluable advice.  https://britit.blog.polityka.pl/2017/03/13/top-5-tips-english-extended-matura/  for the extended matura and check out https://britit.blog.polityka.pl/2017/02/27/top-5-english-basic-matura-tips/  for the basic matura.  Our blogger laid out several different approaches and exam tactics to help maximize your results.

UK universities which recognise the Polish matura in the application process:

University Requirements
University of Bedfordshire Basic Matura English Grade:  70%

Extended Matura English Grade:  60%

University of Bradford Basic Matura English Grade: 70%

Extended Matura Grade: 65%

University of Central Lancashire Extended Matura only with English grade: 70%
Coventry University A 60% in the overall Matura with an

Extended Matura English Grade: 75%

De Montfort University Basic Matura English Grade: 75%

Extended Matura English Grade: 60% with a 70% on the oral component

University of East London Only Extended Matura English Grade: 70%
University of Hertfordshire Only Extended Matura English Grade: 70%
London Metropolitan University Only Extended Matura English Grade: 75%
University of Portsmouth Extended Matura English Grade 65-75% depending on how many other extended Matura topics you did
Southampton Solent University Extended Matura Grade: 65%
University of South Wales Basic Matura English Grade:  95%

Extended Matura English Grade:  70%

University of Suffolk Extended Matura English Grade:  70%
University of Sunderlund Basic Matura English Grade:  80%

Extended Matura English Grade:  50%

University of West London Only Extended Matura English Grade: 70%
University of Worcester Basic Matura English Grade: 80%

Extended Matura English Grade: 60%

*This data is from www.globedu.pl and does not include other matura subject data. Only English.

For information on the universities which DO require the IELTS exam and the exact point result they require check out the following link where you can enter the university’s name and find out the details https://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/choose-ielts/who-accepts-ielts  and for tricks and tips for doing your best on the IELTS exam don’t forget to check back to our blog just a few weeks ago: https://britit.blog.polityka.pl/2017/10/16/top-tips-for-ielts/

It is really worth mentioning that if you are not satisfied with your matura scores you can only improve upon it in the next academic year by thoroughly preparing and redoing it a year later.  However IELTS can be improved upon or retaken every 2 weeks.

So as you can see achieving good results on your Polish matura can get you into a good UK university and your English will only get better from there.  So get down to some serious studying and as always, give everything your best effort.