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British English versus American English – Quiz

5 października 2015, poniedziałek,

Brits and Americans are the same but different. We can be friends, live together, and recent history has shown the world that we can work together. However, when it comes to 1seeing eye to eye in discussions or what can be deemed ‘correct English’, often the thing for us to do is agree to disagree.

British English versus American English Vocabulary 

Do you understand the differences between the vocabulary usage and attitudes of people from these two great nations?  Have a go at part 2 of the quiz and find out some more interesting differences, which will hopefully 2come in handy one day if you are travelling in one of the countries.

British or American? Image credit: bbc.co.uk

British or American? Image credit: bbc.co.uk

Quiz what do Brits do/use what do Americans do/use?

1) In the UK, which would you relax on:

a) a settee

b) a couch

2. In the UK, when you need the toilet you would go to:

a) the loo

b) the john

3. In the UK, if you are lucky your apartment will have:

a) a lift

b) an elevator

4. In the UK, when you walk to the shops which do you use:

a) a pavement

b) a sidewalk

5. If you were born in a ‘lower class’ family in the UK, could you ever become upper class (3la-di-da):

Could you ever become upper class? Image credit: blogs.telegraph.co.uk

Could you ever become upper class? Image credit: blogs.telegraph.co.uk

a) Yes, work hard, earn lots of money and 4the world is your oyster

b) No, it’s in the blood and class can’t be bought

6. If you were directing a movie and you needed someone to play the part of the good guy, who would you choose:

a) Brad Pitt

b) Christian Bale

7. You are riding on the biggest, fastest roller coaster in the world what noises do you make

a) Shout 5expletives because it’s actually quite scary

b) Whoop and holler to show everyone what a great time you’re having

8. Someone accidentally spills hot coffee on you, do you:

a) Apologise (apologize- AmE) for being in the way and tell the person not to worry

b) Sue the person for ruining your day/life/existence(!)

9. When you buy a new car it must…

a) Have an automatic gearbox, a massive engine and be built to withstand a nuclear war

b) Have a manual gearbox and be as 7cheap as chips on petrol

10. In the UK, imagine you are having a big party at your home, which do you do:

a) Buy extra glasses and borrow some from friends

b) Buy plastic cups from the supermarket

Big party at home cups or glasses? Image credit: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Big party at home cups or glasses? Image credit: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Check your Answers

So how did you do? Did you find out your soul is truly American or are you a true Brit? Check the answers below to see how American or British you are.

1-4 Settee is very British and used most frequently in the UK. Loo, lift and pavement are also British.

5 The amount of zeros at the end of your bank balance is what really matters in the USA. They also admire people who have ‘fulfilled the American dream’.  Whereas in Britain, being born into the right family is, unfortunately, still very important.

6 In 99% of American movies if there is a British actor in the film they will be playing the part of the baddy.  In this case it would be Christian Bale who is British for the bad guy and Brad Pitt as the good guy.

7 Whooping and hollering is absolutely an American thing (pronounced ‘thang’ in parts of the US). They like everyone to know how much fun they are having!

8 The Brits have the ability to apologise for everything, sometime to the point when it stops meaning anything. Americans are famed for their ‘compensation culture’.

9 In the UK masculinity isn’t about how big your car is it’s about how much control you have over the car. Automatic cars  – no way in the UK! Also, in the UK petrol is very expensive compared to the USA where Americans can afford to purchase ‘gas guzzlers’.

10  In the UK plastic cups are for children’s parties only, adults use glasses. The Americans are more practical when it comes to throwing a party and throwing stuff away after the party!

Some Useful New Vocabulary from the quiz

To see eye to eye – to agree on something

To come in handy – to be useful

La-di-da – upper class/posh things to say and do, ‘I went to a cocktail party at the British embassy, it was very la-di-da’

The world is your oyster – you have the ability to achieve anything you want

Expletives – bad words, swear words

Whoop and holler – to make loud noises to show how much you are enjoying yourself

As cheap as chips – idiom used to describe something that was very cheap, a bargain

Throwing a party – to host or have a party