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Quiz: Are you more American or British ? Part 1

17 sierpnia 2015, poniedziałek,

British or American?

Since World War Two and partly due to the love affair between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s, many people believe that we Brits and our American ‚cousins’ are like peas in a pod. However, in reality everything from our culture to our language is an ocean apart. For a start the Americans like to show how neighbourly we are by referring to the water between us as ‚the pond’, whereas, the Brits distance themselves as much as possible by using ‚the Atlantic’.

But how about you in Poland? Which side of the pond would you belong to if you were not living in mainland Europe? Take the quiz to find out if you are more British or American.

The ‚Star-Spangled Banner’ versus ‚the Union Jack’. Which flag suits you more?

1. In your opinion which of these are pants?
a. clothing you wear on your legs from the waist to the ankle, worn on the outside
b. underwear for men that covers their private parts

Christmas Card. Image credit: Mike Brand, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Christmas Card. Image credit: Mike Brand (http://bit.ly/1MlT091), licensed under CC BY 2.0.







2. In both countries it is traditional to send Christmas cards to your friends and family. Do you….

a. dress the family in matching jumpers, take a lovely photo and make cards?
b. buy a pack of random cards from the supermarket usually designed by a charity?

3. Would you display your national flag 365 days a year?

A. You must be joking! I would be accused of being too nationalistic if I had it in my garden
B. Absolutely, it’s in my yard all year. I am proud of my awesome nation

4. What do you think of the British royal family?
a. You like them because they are quaint and it is ‚old worldly’
b. You like them only if it means you get a day off work on special occasions i.e. royal weddings, diamond jubilee

5. Someone criticises your country. What do you do?
a. Get offended and argue because, after all, your country does shine ‚from sea to shining sea’
b. Agree with them because, well, they are probably have a point

Sports. Image Credit: VisitBritain.com

Sports. Image Credit: VisitBritain.com





6. When competing internationally in sport. Do you…

a. think you are going to win because you are the best in the world?
b. think you deserve to win because you invented the sport?

7. Staying on sport, if you can’t win what do you do?
a. keep trying because everyone loves a trier
b. stop playing, slowly lose interest

Tea. Image Credit: VisitBritain.com

Tea. Image Credit: VisitBritain.com








8. How do you drink your tea?

a. hot with milk and sugar
b. cold with ice and even more sugar (or corn syrup)

9. If you have been listening to ‚the Boss’ you will be:

a. singing a Bruce Springsteen song
b. wondering why you got married

10. It would be wrong not to mention grammatical differences! Which sentence would you use?
a. I ate pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast
b. I’ve eaten a huge fry up for breakfast

So, are you more American or more British? Check your answers and whichever country you have more of (USA or UK) will tell you the answer. Let us know which ‚side of the pond you should move to!



a. USA

b. UK – Never tell an English guy he has nice pants on or you may get a surprise!

a. USA

b.UK – Americans create and send photo cards to friends and family on every occassion. Brits tend not to.


a. UK

b.USA – The English flag ‘Saint George’s Cross’ has been adopted by nationalistic groups and can be seen as a right wing symbol. Thankfully the Union Jack is less controversial.



b. UK – Brits definitely have a love hate relationship with the royals. It is often fuelled by the old class system. In contrast, in recent years Americans have gained a reputation for loving the British Royal family and all Royal events.



b. UK – Brits are definitely self deprecating (we have the ability to laugh at ourselves and our weaknesses) but be careful……. if we can laugh at ourselves, we expect the same from others so be prepared to take some criticism as part of a joke.


b. UK – I think many still don’t understand that Britain is actually quite a small country and not the powerhouse it was during the past. Brits and the British press are the harshest critics.



b. USA –See our other sport focussed BritIt blog posts for more inside info on this one.



b. USA – the sweeter the better in the USA and they actually drink far more coffee ‚a cup of Joe’ than tea.



b. UK – ‘the boss’ a nickname given to Bruce Springsteen the American singer. In the UK, 1 in 5 men refer to their wives as ‘the boss’ (but not usually in the presence of their wife!).



b.UK – ignoring the content of an American and British breakfast, the key here was the difference in the use of the past simple and present perfect. Americans do use the present perfect but generally not as often as Brits.


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  1. I’m more British (as it ought to be after studying the British literature and culture)! 8 to 2

  2. Uwielbiam brytyjski akcent!!!

  3. It was fun to go through it, but no. 10 should’ve been more time-specific. What if I talk about my yesterday breakfast ? Good job otherwise. Take care.

  4. Reklama
  5. 9/10 UK… after 8 months in USA… Just great ;>

  6. There seems to an error in question 1a: „from the waste to the ankle”. You certainly meant:”from the waist to the ankle”. Understandable – waste and waist sound alike.

  7. Jeśli publikujecie ankietę w internecie, przygotujcie ją tak, żeby była INTERAKTYWNA

  8. Guys, „lose interest”, not „loose interest”. I wish I had a pound every time I have to correct this mistake in students’ papers.

  9. 1. from the waste to the ankle …please waist!

  10. I was suggested this website through my cousin. I’m not positive whether this publish is written by means
    of him as nobody else know such special about my trouble.
    You’re incredible! Thanks!

  11. I do trust all of the concepts you’ve offered to your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for beginners. May just you please prolong them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

  12. The number of spelling mistakes in this blog post is quite astounding given the provenance of the author.

    It’s a bit lose around my waste.

  13. I’m more British.
    I love American accent 😉

  14. Neither.
    Tea – only hot and never with sugar or milk.
    „Sweet tea” – only as a curiosity when I visit the South.
    Couldn’t care less about the royal family.
    After living for 25 years… next door to Alice, I mean across the pond,
    I am still 100% European deep in my heart.