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Quiz – How British are you?

20 lipca 2015, poniedziałek,

Calling all anglophiles!   You already know some English but do you also find yourself absorbing British culture?  Do you think if you were in the UK you’d blend in with the Brits? Are you more British than Polish?  Take this quiz to find out just how British you are!

Dear Potential Brit,

Are you ready?  Grab yourself a hobnob and choose the correct option A, B, C. Then add up your totals.

Best of British luck!

1) It is always tea o’clock in the UK. How do you take your tea?

a) with lemon and sugar

b) with milk

c) black

Afternoon Tea; Image credit: britishfood.about.com

Afternoon Tea; Image credit: britishfood.about.com

2) You’re going into town and fancy a scone? What is it?

a) a game

b) a small cake eaten with cream and fruit

c) a traditional story

3) Entering into a conversation, the topic of weather comes up. How do you feel?

a) Sigh, small talk again! Let’s get on with the real conversation.

b) Great! I’ve already discussed this ten times today, but I’m happy to do it again and with enthusiasm.

c) Confused! There is no need to discuss weather in the UK as it is always the same… raining.

4) The only news in the UK this May was Royals and the new royal baby. Even anti-monarchists couldn’t resist saying how good the Duchess of Cambridge looked after giving birth! What is the name of the new Royal princess?

The new royal baby; Image credit: royal.gov.uk

The new royal baby; Image credit: royal.gov.uk

a) Magda Elizabeth Diana

b) Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

c) Cornelia Elizabeth Diana

5) You’ve seen it, perhaps been involved in it so, what happens on a British Stag night?

a) Conservation volunteers meet to discuss important issues about deer.

b) You walk around in a gang wearing costumes. Your mates get you blind drunk. A naked lady dances for you. You wake up in the morning chained to a lamp post with no recollection of the night’s events.

c) People go hunting foxes on horseback

6) You hear the statement: ‘England are going to win the next football world cup’. How does this make you feel?

a) A bit depressed. It’s not really very likely is it; we haven’t won since 1966 – 50 years of hurt.

b) Let those Lions roar. Never underestimate their potential. Don’t forget how we gloriously won against the German team in ’66!

c) I hear it’s the Winter Olympics this year!

7) It sometimes seems the UK class system still exists. How can a Brit tell if somebody belongs to the English upper class?

Dear old Charlie Boy; Image credit: royal.gov.uk

Dear old Charlie Boy; Image credit: royal.gov.uk

a) They are friends with Prince Charles and refer to him as, ‘Dear old Charlie Boy’

b) They went to a private school and have a certain way of talking.

c) They are rich. Filthy, filthy rich.

8) You go to a hairdresser and they don’t style your hair how you wanted (or how the picture you took in looked). What do you do?

a) Immediately express your disappointment with the service and ask to speak to a manager.

b) Nod your head in approval, describe it as ‘interesting’, then leave and go to a different hairdresser.

c) Enjoy it. Sometimes the customer isn’t always right and this time proves it.

How British are you?

Mostly A’s:  You aren’t very British, are you! Get yourself a ticket to the UK to find out some more insights as quickly as possible.

Mostly B’s: Absolutely spiffing! Well done my dear Sir/Madam.  Come round to mine on Sunday and we’ll have roast beef, spuds and Yorkshire pudding.  You are brilliantly British.

Mostly C’s: You are clearly doing the wrong quiz. Make yourself a black tea with lemon and reflect on how truly Polish you are.