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Study in the UK

20 listopada 2017, poniedziałek,

It has been said that ‚Travel broadens the mind’ and as an expatriate myself I would agree that even the very act of visiting another country is an education in and of itself. Staying in a foreign place for a particularly longer period of time than a typical vacation let’s say, makes you become an ever increasing part of that place, day by day.  The UK is rich in diversity and could provide a brilliant backdrop for your post-secondary learning experience…

© Mat Wright, British Council

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Anti-bullying Week

13 listopada 2017, poniedziałek,

Bullying is a potentially devastating problem that affects a very high percentage of school aged children today.  Bullying can be defined as any kind of unwanted aggressive behaviour targeting a generally weaker person.  The aggression is repetitive and the power differential is often physical but it can also be based on other factors such as social popularity or a power imbalance because of access to potentially embarrassing information.  The amount of hopelessness and despair that can be felt by the victim of bullying is something that no young person should be put through and it is for this reason that we are pleased to discuss Anti-bullying Week (Nov. 13th-17th) for this week’s blog.

High school students being bullied. Author:Elizabet21 Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:%C5%A0ikanovanie.jpg Published under CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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November – Movember

6 listopada 2017, poniedziałek,

Have you noticed men’s faces looking a slight bit hairier in the month of November? This is not just your imagination. This is a result of an annual month-long initiative known as „Movember”. The general idea behind the Movember campaign is that men of all ages agree to not shave for the entire month of November in order to grow the fullest and most impressive moustache possible. The word Movember itself is a blend, combination or Portmonteau of the words ‚moustache’ and ‚November’.

Published under CC0 license.

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Trick or Treat – facts and myths

30 października 2017, poniedziałek,

Well it’s that time of year again. The temperature is slowly dropping and the leaves are fighting to hold fast to their branches and once again it is time for Halloween.  English teachers across the country are dusting off their Halloween crafts and trying to remember in which file they hid their best Halloween activities.

By Neda Andel; Published under CC BY-SA 2.0 license on flicker.com

Inevitably the history and background of Halloween will be discussed.  I am always surprised to hear when teachers claim that modern day Halloween and the concept of Trick-or-Treating dates back to pagan Ireland or old medieval England somewhere.  Mainstream Trick-or-Treating and the celebration of Halloween as a dress-up holiday was not practised in the UK until late in the 20th century and even the term ‘Trick-or-Treat’ only became popularized in the UK in the 1990s. It does seem however, that there is a distant, foggy relationship between the modern day holiday and some 15th century traditions. Czytaj całość »


Black History Month

23 października 2017, poniedziałek,

Are you crazy about history? Well, here are some facts about some special people you might not have heard about before. It’s popular in Britain to celebrate Black History Month – the achievements and contributions to history made by people from diverse[1] ethnic backgrounds. Black culture isn’t all about rap singers and sportsmen and women! No, sir. Let’s take a closer at some of those extraordinary folks who helped shape history[2] and make us what we are today!

Published under CC-PD-US license

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