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How to Make lessons more topical

15 kwietnia 2019, poniedziałek,

Whether you are reading this blog as a language learner or a teacher we can all admit that textbooks are a dry and boring staple of most English courses. The course books, new and old alike, all run through the same old tired subjects;  money, the future, jobs, sports, the environment and being healthy just to name a few.

Even the newest editions which at the very least try to keep up with the times can come off as a bit cheesy as they discuss topics such as Twitter and Spotify or mumble rap but always end up giving the impression that they were written without any consultation with a real young person who understands what IS cool and what’s not.

In this blog I’ll discuss a few ways that teachers can spice up their lessons and bring them into the year 2019. For language learners you might consider how to adapt these ideas for yourself for the purposes of self-study.

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5 Great Websites for Self-Study

22 marca 2019, piątek,

I have students that come to me for 1 to 1 lessons once a week either because their parents bring them to the lesson or they are middle-aged business people and their firm is paying for the lesson.  Sometimes after a certain time the lessons may stop because the student voices a concern over “not making any progress.”  If this happens, then the reason  is often a very simple one. The student has done no homework, shows little or no interest in English outside of the classroom and gives no effort to self-study.

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Idiom: in the loop

20 marca 2019, środa,

Meaning: to be kept updated about an ongoing issue and included in conversations about it.

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5 Hot New Expressions Made Famous by the Internet!

25 lutego 2019, poniedziałek,

The Internet has been responsible for many new inductions to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).  The new technology has brought us all kinds of new words and expressions from ‘tweet’ and ‘unfriend’ to verbs like ‘to DM someone’ or  ‘ to inbox someone.’  In today’s blog we are going to discuss 5 of the hottest new expressions that, while already within the mainstream, may soon find themselves being given official status in the dictionary in the very near future should they be able to stand the test of time.
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Idiom: to be ‘scratching the surface’

20 lutego 2019, środa,

Meaning: To be just beginning to find out more about a particular subject.  To be only looking at something (initially) in a superficial way.
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11 lutego 2019, poniedziałek,

A very contentious issue and a hot topic of late has been that of BREXIT.  It has only been a couple of years since the issue arose and the term itself was coined, but already a small glossary of terms and slang has developed and in today’s blog we’ll be looking at some of the most important words you need to know.
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