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St. Patrick’s Day Around the World

10 marca 2020, wtorek,

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) has very gradually grown into a worldwide phenomenon.  Ask any person on the streets of England when St. George’s Day is (England’s very own Patron Saint) and very few would be able to tell you. They would, on the other hand, be far more likely to be able to tell you when St. Patrick’s Day is. It is difficult to ascertain why this holiday has grown in popularity the way that it has. Perhaps it is how it has been portrayed in popular films and TV Shows. Perhaps it is the lack of pomp and circumstance connected with the day itself -the only basic requirement is to wear green and drink beer. But nevertheless, March 17th is a day when people clad themselves in green and pubs fill up for the evening. Not just in the US but it many parts of the world.  In this month’s blog we’ll take a very quick look at this holiday, its origins and how and where it is celebrated.

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5 Christmas Traditions that Americans Don’t Have (or even know about?)

16 grudnia 2019, poniedziałek,

There are far more similarities than differences when it comes to comparing the Christmas traditions of these two English speaking countries. There is the turkey dinner with cranberries and stuffing, mistletoe, presents on Christmas morning and the tradition of non-religious, fun Christmas songs.  But in our blog today we’ll be mentioning 5 things that Americans do not have as a part of their Christmas celebrations and that they may not even be aware of.

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Black Friday

22 listopada 2019, piątek,

Around this time of year, you may have heard several times the term Black Friday in reference to a shopping day or type of sales event at some of your favourite stores.  Many countries have incorporated a kind of ‘light’ version of this promotional sales practice but are you aware of the origins of this day and what it all means? That is the topic of our blog this time around.

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The 5 Toughest (Everyday) Words to Pronounce

4 listopada 2019, poniedziałek,

For the purposes of this blog, we will need to review 2 very important kinds of sounds in English – consonants and vowels. 
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Some things you might only ever hear in Norn Iron or Northern Ireland

25 października 2019, piątek,

While the people in Northern Ireland speak the Queen’s English, they have a very special dialect. It is so special that I have chosen to write it all down, just in case you decide to visit this amazing wee country. Imagine my day of discovery.

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