A-maze-ing Laughte

6 Essential English Slang Expressions

12 czerwca 2017, poniedziałek,

Here are 6 more English slang expressions to ‘lighten your lingo’ this week. Slang Expression 1: To pull (verb) ‘Pull’ is similar to the American term ‘hook-up’:  it generally means to kiss, but it can also mean relations progress a lot further than … Czytaj dalej


Wembley Stadium

9 Essential Football Phrases

23 maja 2017, wtorek,

Hi everyone! It’s May, which means the football season is coming to an end. It’s an exciting time for fans, as lots of big matches are played and trophies are won. But how many of these expressions about the beautiful … Czytaj dalej


Corporate – Top 7 Phrases for ‘Office Speak’

25 kwietnia 2016, poniedziałek,

New corporate language There’s a new language in the world of business. It’s not Mandarin Chinese, which some predict will become an essential office language in the future. It’s not even English, which has been considered a global corporate language … Czytaj dalej


BritIt Blog - British Council: Words that are often confused

Words that are often confused

5 kwietnia 2016, wtorek,

Some words are often confused by language learners – because they are similar to another word or because they look like a word in your own language but have a different meaning. Here are some words that often cause confusion.


British English versus American English

14 marca 2016, poniedziałek,

America versus the UK We’ve already brought you one post about the UK and America so today we thought we’d hone in on language differences between the two countries. British people and American people can always understand each other – … Czytaj dalej


Corporate Business Skills – Decision Making

15 lutego 2016, poniedziałek,

Welcome back BritIt blog readers! It’s Neil Evans here again to  bring you some business English insights and ideas on how to successfully manoeuvre within the corporate sector. I’ve already brought you posts on negotiations, email writing and more. Today, … Czytaj dalej