Urban poetry of the famous street-poet in Amsterdam, mainly written on mobile building-walls. You can find his poetry-lines everywhere in the city where they start a new building site, like here.  © Fons Heijnsbroek / FotoDutchPhoto, licensed under CC0 1.0, adapted from the original.

British poetry and Emily Berry’s ‘Bad New Government’

6 lutego 2017, poniedziałek,


Some people aren’t interested in poetry. They say it’s boring, irrelevant, that it always talks about love and nothing else. I disagree. I think poetry can verbalise feelings that we could not otherwise express, and especially contemporary poetry. There are many spoken word artists, like the Button Poetry collective in the USA, who vividly discuss important issues to do with social justice, feminism, gay rights, racism, as well as love, friendship, mental health issues … the list goes on. It’s empowering just to watch them, and I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel (with subtitles!). Czytaj całość »


How do you learn a language that isn't written down? British Council #BritIt blog

How do you learn a language that isn’t written down?

2 lutego 2017, czwartek,

By Samuel Broncho

We asked Shoshone speaker Samuel Broncho.

What are the particular challenges of learning a language that isn’t written down?

If you are used to learning languages in a classroom setting, an oral language is hard to master. For example, my Native American language, Shoshone, lacks a standard writing system that everyone can agree to use. Shoshone people have worked with linguists to develop writing systems, only to have them rejected by traditionalists within the various Shoshone tribes. Some people strongly believe the language shouldn’t be written down at all, while others think writing it will push the language forward and preserve it.

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National Holidays in the UK

24 stycznia 2017, wtorek,

An expats perspective on Polish holidays

We all love a day off work. I’m always fascinated by the articles in Polish media about how best to use your holidays each year – you know, the 1st and 3rd of May fall on such and such a day, so if you take 3 days from your annual leave you can get a whole week off work. You guys really know how to squeeze the most out of national holidays. Czytaj całość »


UK Writers: John Le Carre

17 stycznia 2017, wtorek,

The British have always loved a good spy story, real or imaginary. Stories of blue-blooded[1] patriots battling the Empire’s foes stirred the imaginations of schoolboys for decades. In more recent times, the James Bond novels and films together with icons[2] of popular culture (The Avengers, The Persuaders) ensured that the genre never went out of fashion. Czytaj całość »


LGBT: Brits who have made an impact

9 stycznia 2017, poniedziałek,

Britain’s LGBT community

Things have not always been easy for Britain’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Nevertheless, in less than sixty years from the dark days of homosexuality being criminalised and members of the community being treated extremely poorly, Britain is now consistently ranked as the best place in Europe to be LGBT. Strong legislative protections guaranteeing the rights and dignity of LGBT people, coupled with generally accepting societal attitudes, mean that LGBT communities and people are thriving across Britain.

Six Leading or Influential LGBT people

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look (in no particular order!) at six British LGBT people who have made leading or influential contributions to fields as diverse as sports, business and entertainment.

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Top 5 locations for New Year Celebrations

2 stycznia 2017, poniedziałek,

In today’s blog post, I’ll review the top five traditions from different parts of Europe, give suggestions about creative resolutions for 2017, and also give you lots of nice language for you to experiment with.

Happy 2017

So, are you are still nursing that lingering(1) hangover, generally feeling sorry for yourself(2) and wondering what joys the New Year will bring?  It’s time to reflect on(3) the previous year and smile inwardly (4) at your New Year antics. Czytaj całość »


Twelve Days of English Christmas

19 grudnia 2016, poniedziałek,

We have officially entered the festive season. Advent has started and the countdown to the end of the year begun. One of the most popular English carols to celebrate the festivities is ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ The rhyming chant was first published in 1780 and the standard tune we now sing the lyrics to in the UK came much later in 1909. Here is our BritIt version of the lyrics to help us all get into the festive mood. Why don’t you play the tune as you read along?  Enjoy your English gifts and forgive us if the carol gets stuck in your head all day!

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