Yes he Khan: Meet the new Mayor of London

16 maja 2016, poniedziałek,

A Muslim Mayor of London – celebrating diversity

 Although I’ve lived in Warsaw for many years now, I’m a Londoner by birth. On 5th May, residents of my home city elected a new Mayor, Sadiq Khan. His election is hugely significant as London is the first major European city to have a Muslim elected as mayor. This means London and Londoners can once more enjoy their status as a truly multicultural, diverse and inclusive place. Outside the UK, not much is known about Sadiq Khan apart from his religion, so this post will give you some useful info about who he really is and what he wants for London.

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Sport Focus

9 maja 2016, poniedziałek,

One of the most popular topics in our BritIt blog posts are about sport in the UK. We’ve brought you rugby insights , told you about the Wimbledon Tennis championship, and the strange phenomena of cricket too! We have also previously blogged about football and the FA Cup. That post raised lots of questions from you, our BritIt readers so we decided as it’s May again (time flies quickly, doesn’t it!) to bring you additional FA insights.

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Long Live the Queen

2 maja 2016, poniedziałek,

In April the UK and Commonwealth celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. There were a number of celebrations across the world to mark the occasion.  In the UK it was celebrated by beacon lighting across the UK.  Photographs of the queen with her grandchildren and great grandchildren were a social media hit.  To celebrate her Majesty’s special day, here are some insights into the royal family.  Have you got a favourite British royal? Let us know via the comment box.

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Corporate – Top 7 Phrases for ‘Office Speak’

25 kwietnia 2016, poniedziałek,

New corporate language

There’s a new language in the world of business. It’s not Mandarin Chinese, which some predict will become an essential office language in the future. It’s not even English, which has been considered a global corporate language for some time now. The language I’m referring to is ‘office speak’.

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Charlie Chaplin – Famous Brit

18 kwietnia 2016, poniedziałek,

Charlie Chaplin: The Revenge of the Little Fellow

We have only to say the name to conjure[1] the man; bowler hat, moustache, bow-legged walk swinging a cane. A true icon of the 20th century. At his height he was probably the best known star in the world, instantly recognizable, millions enjoyed his films.

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#ShakespeareLives 6 Fun Facts

11 kwietnia 2016, poniedziałek,

Shakespeare the Brit with a Global reach

Which Shakespeare play has been translated into 75 languages? How many times does the word ‚love’ appear in the complete works? Here are 6 facts about the great Brit. Read through and discover how much you do (or don’t !) know about the Bard.

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Words that are often confused

5 kwietnia 2016, wtorek,

Some words are often confused by language learners – because they are similar to another word or because they look like a word in your own language but have a different meaning. Here are some words that often cause confusion.

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Monty Python (a very British thing!)

29 marca 2016, wtorek,

Eccentric Brits are a very British thing!
Who are the British exactly? A nation of animal lovers. Perhaps. People who put milk in their tea and run the hot and cold taps at the same time? A little bit crazy, maybe? Consider this: one man dances around another on the end of a pier[1] slapping him with a wet fish. The second man then produces a bigger fish knocking the first man into the sea. This is the world of Monty Python – a very British thing! In this blog post I’m going to guide you through Monty Python facts, sketches and looking at life after Monty.

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Job Satisfaction – 6 Key Expressions

22 marca 2016, wtorek,

In a British newspaper – The Guardian, readers were asked what makes them happy at work. In most cases, money was not the top answer. Getting free coffee at work, having the chance to develop professionally, and making a difference to people were more likely to make people feel satisfied in the long run. In this month’s article, we’re going to look at six idioms associated with the topic of job satisfaction. Each phrase will be introduced with a question followed by an explanation.

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