Downton Abbey and other Costume Dramas

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British Costume Dramas

Along with Royal weddings, cream tea and pop music ‘the costume drama’ is something the British feel they excel[1] at – and they are right.  Today, I’m going to review four famous British Costume Dramas and as an added bonus have included some useful language too.

Downton Abbey - British Costume Drama

Downton Abbey – Image licensed under CC by 2.0; https://www.flickr.com/photos/lafiguradelpadre/8660533478

Costume, what?

Costume dramas are in essence modern stories in which the characters wear costumes from past eras. Historical foreknowledge[2] isn’t needed to enjoy these TV series, indeed most are very loosely ‘based on historical fact’. Czytaj całość »


5 Pledges for International Women’s Day. #BeBoldForChange

5 Pledges for International Women’s Day. #BeBoldForChange

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5 Pledges for International Women’s Day. #BeBoldForChange
Today is International Women’s Day. This year’s campaign theme is #BeBoldForChange with a call for everyone to create a more inclusive, gender equal world. The campaign gives five bold actions you can pledge to work on to make a difference:

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Top 5 English Basic Matura Tips

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By Iwona Piecyk

Hello Matura students! I’m sure you have been studying hard for your exams. With stress levels increasing, it is good to remember some basic exam strategies which will help you pass the English exam with flying colours. Here are my 5 top tips for the basic Matura.

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Urban poetry of the famous street-poet in Amsterdam, mainly written on mobile building-walls. You can find his poetry-lines everywhere in the city where they start a new building site, like here.  © Fons Heijnsbroek / FotoDutchPhoto, licensed under CC0 1.0, adapted from the original.

British poetry and Emily Berry’s ‘Bad New Government’

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Some people aren’t interested in poetry. They say it’s boring, irrelevant, that it always talks about love and nothing else. I disagree. I think poetry can verbalise feelings that we could not otherwise express, and especially contemporary poetry. There are many spoken word artists, like the Button Poetry collective in the USA, who vividly discuss important issues to do with social justice, feminism, gay rights, racism, as well as love, friendship, mental health issues … the list goes on. It’s empowering just to watch them, and I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel (with subtitles!). Czytaj całość »


How do you learn a language that isn't written down? British Council #BritIt blog

How do you learn a language that isn’t written down?

2 lutego 2017, czwartek,

By Samuel Broncho

We asked Shoshone speaker Samuel Broncho.

What are the particular challenges of learning a language that isn’t written down?

If you are used to learning languages in a classroom setting, an oral language is hard to master. For example, my Native American language, Shoshone, lacks a standard writing system that everyone can agree to use. Shoshone people have worked with linguists to develop writing systems, only to have them rejected by traditionalists within the various Shoshone tribes. Some people strongly believe the language shouldn’t be written down at all, while others think writing it will push the language forward and preserve it.

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